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Garbatela, the architecture, renovation and interior design service that you can manage at the same time

Welcome to Garbatela! We are an interior architecture company in Cartagena specialized in creating unique and personalized spaces. Our team of design and decoration experts is dedicated to transforming your home or office into a welcoming and functional place.

At Garbatela, we understand that each client is unique and has specific needs, which is why we focus on providing a personalized service adapted to your requirements. We take care of the entire process, from conceptualization to design implementation.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a complete renovation or just a change in decoration, at Garbatela we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen. Contact us now and discover how we can transform your space into something spectacular.

  1. Application of decoration in new construction: they act from a possible redistribution of the house before the execution until the placement of the last vase.
  2. Comprehensive reforms of all types of homes: including the processing of the relevant licenses, project management with the companies that undertake it, interior design and decoration of the home.
  3. face washes (with good makeup): especially second homes and homes focused on rental, there is no work carried out but there are actions on the finishes to achieve drastic changes in the presence of the same to be more attractive, focused mainly on rental.
Hello! I'm Minerva Garcia. On this page you will learn about my great professional vocation: architecture; where I put a little bit of myself in each of your projects and I try to facilitate the most tedious procedures during a work. 
I'm an architect. From Cartagena I went to study in Granada, at the Higher Technical School of Architecture. In 2007 I achieved one of my dreams by getting an Erasmus scholarship at Facoltà de Roma Tre, specializing in Restoration. 
In 2010 I participated in a cooperation project with the University of Tetuan where I was able to live one of the most enriching professional experiences of my life. 
In addition, in 2012, I complemented my training with a Master's Degree in Architectural Restoration, with the ETSAT of Granada.
Excited and grateful since 2013, I have been developing projects, reforms, designs and premises. 

The concept with which we work is: having a luxury service. Service with benefits, care, guarantees and high quality results at affordable prices. In Garbatela they do not develop luxury mansions, they project urban homes for every day, but with very attractive visual results.

What does it mean that you can manage it at the same time?

From Garbatela they act as a whole: that is, if there is a change during the execution of the work at the decoration level, it is corrected from the work and vice versa, the project being alive until the last moment. Architecture and decoration go hand in hand.

Minerva García works with the concept that a home belongs to the person who lives in it, not to the person who designs it, therefore the intangibles are set by the owner, but the study helps them achieve them with excellence. It is the owner's magic that is the main ingredient of the final result.

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